Ep 33 – Feet or: The One Where Kevin Gets his Toe Sucked

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We’d like to give a huge thanks to our new friend Wild Yam for providing the art for this episode. Check out more of Wild Yam’s work on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/_wild.yam_/






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One thought on “Ep 33 – Feet or: The One Where Kevin Gets his Toe Sucked

Add yours

  1. OMG I am freaking out that I am on the last episode after binge listening for days while working from home. I already feel empty knowing I won’t get a new episode for days.
    Working from home makes me feel like I’m chained to my desk on house arrest and I’ve done nothing wrong but the conversational style of your episodes makes me feel much less isolated during this pandemic. Thank you for that!
    It does lead me to wonder what it says about me that such horrific topics brighten my days!
    I love you guys!!


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