About the Show

Some podcasts promise to “spare no details.”  Here, we slather on the details.  We’re creating an often irreverent but not altogether unintelligent podcast that covers not only true crime topics, but also any true story that we deem depraved and/or disturbing enough to talk about. 

We do an enormous amount of research for each episode.  You’ll always get considerably more than just the Wikipedia breakdown from us.  Because of our commitment to comprehensive, or at least adequate research, we only release shows twice per month.  New episodes drop on the 1st and 13th. 

Meet the Hosts

Kevin has been described by multiple individuals as being “emotionally bankrupt.” He neither knows nor cares exactly what this means.


Kevin’s formative years were spent in an insufferably small and isolated Alabama town with a population of only 250. The town has one traffic light which is purely decorative and is only turned on for the annual Christmas parade in which meth addicts and others who have lost teeth for various reasons tie balloons to their dented cars and drive single file through the town throwing from their car windows melted candies left over from Halloween.

For having been descended from two generations of coal miners, Kevin has always been disappointingly fragile and effeminate. These are undesirable traits in rural Alabama and had there been any other children in the town in which he grew up, they would have undoubtedly picked on him. Dainty and bitter, Kevin spent most of his time watching horror movies that he rented from a nearby convenience store to which he would we often ride his bicycle. This convenience store’s modest but eclectic selection of horror films included the Faces of Death series which intersperses dramatic reenactments of fatalities with real clips of people dying. The Faces of Death videos were among Kevin’s favorites and set into motion a lifelong obsession which would eventually culminate in the creation of a podcast that Jamie’s dad thinks is pretty good. 


Samantha struggles to maintain homeostasis.


Jamie can’t keep a man.

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