Ep 42 – The Audacity of Shawn Parcells

For more than a decade, a man named Shawn Parcells has been performing autopsies throughout the midwest. Unfortunately, he has been doing so with no qualifications or credentials. How could this happen?  Why was a man with no credentials allowed to prod the interiors of thousands of human remains? Listen and find out.

Ep 40 – Meet Holly, Forensic Autopsy Technician and WITL’s Newest Cohost

Have you ever ripped apart a deceased infant with your own two hands?  Have you ever stored a human brain next to the frozen broccoli in your refrigerator?  Can you differentiate between the smell of common road kill and the pungent and unique odor of a decomposing human body?  Have you ever removed maggots from human remains, covered them in acrylic paint, and then allowed those universally reviled larvae to crawl about a canvas unknowingly and unwittingly creating something that could be described as art? Our new cohost has.

Ep 39 – The Corpse Wranglers of West Alabama

This might qualify as our first “live show”.  For this episode I travelled deep into the forests of Alabama... to my mother’s house.  On her back porch overlooking the Black Warrior river, I spoke with a pair who have worked in one of the most unsettling occupations in existence.

Ep 38 – A Very Disgusting Lady

This is the story of a woman with a disfigured body and an irreparably corrupted mind. It is also a story about our own vanity and how it is reflected back at us every time we encounter someone who looks vastly different from what we consider acceptable. This episode's subject was a physical monstrosity from birth. Was her mind equally malformed from the outset? Or, was her degeneracy and depraved behavior something that was carved into her by the cruelty of those who surrounded her?

Ep 36 – Subutai Vs. The Khwarazmian Shah

Occasionally, a mistake can change the course of history and even distort the face of the earth. When the Khwarazmian Shaw humiliated and killed a couple of Mongolian trade emissaries, he arguably made one of the most consequential mistakes in all of human history. This mistake would lead to the deaths of millions. Borders would be redrawn. Family lines would end. Entire cities and cultures would disappear, and the Khwarazmian Empire would fall.

Ep 35 – Subutai

On this episode, we’ll be talking about the man who served as the Genghis Khan's right hand. A general in the Mongolian army who was unnaturally gifted in the arenas of war and wartime subterfuge. A man who, when unleashed, would chase his marks to the ends of the earth pillaging everything along the way and leaving mountains of the dead behind him.

Ep 34 – Do Not Pull a Gun on Mike: Our Favorite 911 Call and the Man Behind it

On this episode, we will talk with a man who has been held up at gunpoint on two different occasions. Both times, he was able to disarm the would-be robbers after repeatedly punching them in the face. During one of these incidents, Mike dialed 911 moments before striking his assailant with the phone he used to make the call. On the recording, tones and beeps can be heard over and over as Mike slams the receiver into the face of the criminal. Hear Mike recount the incident as we listen to this legendary 911 call.

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