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Access our monthly live stream by becoming a patron. We watch horror movies, shoot the shit, and even record episodes live from time to time. Here are some of the other priceless/worthless rewards from our various tiers!

  • An exclusive Where is the Line? holographic sticker! If you’re lucky, you’ll get the one with the horse dick on it!
  • Personalized video greetings!
  • Narration and critique of your favorite porno! Even if it’s homemade!
  • Show shoutouts!
  • Alone time with the hosts…

Our patrons to whom we are so grateful for helping us foot the bill, and for letting us know that we’re not the only freaks in the world.

The Nefarious

Riley Williams
Cassie Andersch
Katie Manzione
Robin Taylor
Natasha Fitzakerley

Dennis Calvert
Braytin Heavilin
Monica Gardner

The Depraved

Wendie LaRose
Jaden Jensen
Keely Mooney
Bailey Manzione
Susan pharris
Katie Manzione
Kevin Edwards
Wayne L.C.
claire sexton
Christopher Whisman
Sherry Smith
Aileen Chobirk

Dustin Kirk
Holly Cass

Gabrielle Brougham

The Disturbed

Hachem Hm
Kay Sanchay
Jennifer Henry
Diana Morales
Erica Bone
Jessica Boggs
Ashley Roddy
Hannah Reiss
Hilary Jurgens
Lauren Mangano
Ashley Newman
Kate Pantle
Meagan Pattis
Kami Payne
mik wil
Nadia Scott
Conor O’Mara

April Lord
Cat Jones
Caity McGill
Annalise McGaw
Ashley Jensen
Kim Roberts

Tracey Natalie Roberts

The Troubled

Frey Prevett
Julia Baritz
Janine Shelton
Fraser Boynton
Rhea Swanson
Jenny T
Erin Giles
Jon Ezell
Alabama Amber
Bailey Gilliland
Anna Henson
Amanda N
Amber Bowers
Rachel Thompson
Sean Adams

Robert Vogel
Elya Gremlin Cummins
Ginny White
Shellie Swearengin- Angell
Jason Kotchka
Lee Taylor

Justin Earp
Kylie Morey
Bug Ray
Molly Roquefort

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