Ep 18 Sh*t Show: The Bat Bomb

In 1942, a dentist named Dr. Lytle Adams invented a weapon which he hoped would help end World War II. The idea was this: A bomb casing would be filled with hibernating bats. Each bat would wear a miniature suicide vest filled with Napalm. Any populace unfortunate enough to have this weapon unleashed upon them would face not only the nightmarish scenario of having thousands of bats flitting about their city, but they would also find their infrastructure engulfed in flames once these flying menaces were detonated. As unlikely as it seems, prototypes of this weapon would be developed and tested by 3 branches of the U.S. military. By the time the American military decided to discard this seemingly preposterous idea, they had spent today's equivalent of 28 million dollars and a New Mexico military facility had been accidentally incinerated.

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