photography by Cori Osborne

We are “SOLD OUT” of the “free” mugs.

So, Kevin ordered a bunch of mugs unaware that shipping a coffee mug, especially overseas, costs more than a coffee mug is worth. He also offered to give these mugs away for free to anyone who was short on cash. So, those mugs ended up costing Kevin about $300. Kevin is no longer allowed to keep inventory on-hand.

You can still buy some overpriced shit from our online store! They give us a buck or two when someone buys something.

Buy some overpriced crap from our new online store! Click below to peruse the wares.

Relive the magic with these old-timey compact discs

The theme for our show is “Monster Party” from the album Créme de la Résistance. It was provided to us by Jim Jim Jim Jim previously known as Dump Truck.  Grab a CD for $12.  FREE SHIPPING!  You can put it in your computer and watch the video for “Monster Party,” and it will also allow you to print out masks of each member of the band.  Seriously.  It really does that.  Or, you can just check them out on iTunes or Spotify.

Créme de la Résistance by Jim Jim Jim Jim


Background music and musical sound beds (the tune at the end that plays while I read emails and reviews) are provided by geological scientist, one man band, and good friend, Robin. He is the musician behind Das Krummholz Projekt.  Grab a CD of the instrumental album Superfun Superfund for only $10.  FREE SHIPPING!

Superfun Superfund by Das Krummholz Projekt


Deathfemme’s Etsy Store

Grab yourself a fetal pig in a jar or a snake spine. They make great stocking stuffers!

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