Support Where is the Line? and some of our splendidly talented listeners by purchasing our wares.


The Etsy shop of long time listener, Cori. Grab a glittering hog skull or a fetal pig specimen for your loved ones today!


Molly was the subject of Ep 25. If you’d like to see her sexual fantasies played out on the Internet, join her Just for Fans page.


Kate is an amazing artist who specializes in water colors. A print of Give Us a Smile will soon be hanging in our own “studio”.


Anahi is another amazing artist and listener. A piece of her original art will soon be hanging on my own wall!


Buy prints or commission art from Where is the Line’s own Samantha. If you like our more quirky episode art, get it here.


Ashley’s amazing and morally questionable creations. Grab a severed penis necklace for that special someone in your life.

Where is the Line?

Be the envy of all your hipster friends when you show up to the party wearing clothing from an ultra-obscure podcast.

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