Kevin Talks to The Alabama Take

I recently sat down with Blaine DuShane and Kori Hanna from the Alabama Take to talk about Where is the Line?, horror movies, music, and the that one time I came across a dead body.


Ep 12 Issei Sagawa: The Annoying Cannibal

In June 1981 a tiny annoying man finally gained the recognition he'd always wanted but that his hideous personality had prevented him from acquiring.  After murdering, mutilating, and eating a young college student in Paris, Issei Sagawa became a B-list celebrity. His parents' wealth and a bit of luck led to Issei Sagawa walking free only a few years after committing his crime. For decades after, Issei enjoyed the attention that was bestowed upon him by those who were curious about the cannibal walking among them. He appeared on late night television shows and on cooking programs.  He even made his way into the adult film industry. In this episode we'll discuss this insufferable pervert, and WITL? co-host Samantha will over share about her childhood "hypersexuality".

Ep 9 Elmer McCurdy – The Corpse in the Funhouse

In 1976 the crew of the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man was preparing for an on-location shoot at a Long Beach California funhouse. During the preparation, a crew member accidentally knocked the arm off of what they had previously believed to be a papier-mâché mannequin. To their surprise, this mannequin's newly dismembered arm had a bone inside. Upon closer inspection it was learned that the mannequin was also anatomically correct, complete with a wisp of pubic hair.

Ep 8 Shannon Larratt – Extreme Body Modification

Shannon Larratt was the founder of a website that became notorious as being one of the most unsettling destinations on the web. Contributors to the site routinely posted photos of their own body modifications which often included such invasive procedures as voluntary and medically unnecessary amputations. Shannon himself was one of the first people to have his eyeball tattooed. This website was however much more than a shock site for it's regular contributors. To them, it was a community within which self-expressionism could thrive. In this episode we explore Shannon's contribution to the body modification community, discuss all manner of penile self-mutilation, and we talk with "The Human Tackle Box" Russ Foxx. 

Kevin and Jamie Get Interviewed

Listen to Kevin and Jamie's interview with Harry Duran from Podcast Junkies. Over the course of the interview Jamie reveals to Kevin what his "friends" really think about him, and Kevin reaffirms to Jamie that she has resting bitch face.

Ep 4 Forthman Murff – Chainsaw Decapitation Survival

In the dirt of Sulligent Alabama there lies a badass. In May 1984 a 74-year-old man named Forthman Rexdale Murff was alone in Gattman Mississippi cutting down trees for a nearby timber company. He’d been a lumberjack for decades and he knew his trade well. On this particular day though, he cut down one large tree which struck several others on its way to the ground. He was knocked to the ground and when he awoke he realized that he'd fallen on his own chainsaw. The blades entered through the front of his neck and continued all the way to his spine. Hear how this feisty Mississippian survived this gruesome incident.

Ep 2 Katherine Knight – Skinned Lover

In 2001 a 45 year old woman named Katherine Mary Knight became the first female in Australia to ever be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. On February 29th, 2000, Katherine murdered her lover, John Price, by stabbing him at least 37 times. It was what she did with Price's corpse... Continue Reading →

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