Massacre and Rape in Nanjing Pt. 2: The Rape of Nanking

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For most of us, restraint comes naturally; we understand the consequences of excess, and we consider the effects that our actions might have on ourselves and on others. In 1937, the Japanese troops that invaded Nanking seemingly did so without this Hallmark trait of civility.  Their most base desires were thrust to the forefront of their beings and they approached the civilians of Nanking without compassion, empathy, or any sense of humanity.  The result was one of the most horrific events in all of human history.

In part 2 of Massacre and Rape in Nanjing, we will explore the graphic rape, creative torture, and eventual murder of thousands upon thousands of Chinese non-combatants in Nanking.  We will cover the cover-up, and talk about the affect that research on this topic had on one very talented young author.  Much of what you are about to hear may sound made-up or unlikely. However, fantastic as it seems, the horrors outlined herein were actually visited upon the people of Nanking.  This. Happened.


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