Ep 40 – Meet Holly, Forensic Autopsy Technician and WITL’s Newest Cohost

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Have you ever ripped apart a deceased infant with your own two hands?  Have you ever stored a human brain next to the frozen broccoli in your refrigerator?  Can you differentiate between the smell of common road kill and the pungent and unique odor of a decomposing human body?  Have you ever removed maggots from human remains, covered them in acrylic paint, and then allowed those universally reviled larvae to crawl about a canvas unknowingly and unwittingly creating something that could be described as art?

If you answered “no” to any of the preceding questions, you are not the newest cohost of Where is the Line?  We’ve never devoted an episode to one of our own co-hosts.  To that point, we’ve never had a co-host whose daily occupation aligned so closely with the thematics of our show.  The new cohost of Where is the Line?  is named Holly.  Holly is a supervising forensic autopsy technician in the greater Kansas City Metro area who maintains a side hustle that is almost as interesting as her main gig.  It would be extraordinarily difficult to imagine a more appropriate cohost for this show. 

It is always hard to say goodbye to a cohost, and this holds especially true for my talented, intelligent, and unfailingly kind friend, Robin. Being that I recently moved far from the soul crushing and astoundingly characterless town of Tuscaloosa, AL to a new pad in Kansas City, MO’s “gayborhood”, a lineup change was unavoidable. Finally, after months away from the microphone, we are so glad to welcome you all back to this new and optimized iteration of Where is the Line? – Where is the Line? season 2, Kansas City Nights.

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