Ep 29 – The Black Vomit Part 2

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Part 2 of our possibly never-ending series on the Yellow Fever outbreak that devastated Philadelphia in 1793.


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One thought on “Ep 29 – The Black Vomit Part 2

Add yours

  1. Hey Guys
    Des here from Ireland

    I’m definitely a fan, Great show, I’ve recommended it to a load of people, A load of the lads in my job are going around listening to it while working…
    That Nutty Putty episode was fucking mental, What a horrible way to go, Fuck that shit…
    Mr. Hands was another great episode, I laughed so much…
    The Mortician was very interesting to listen to, Bruce Pardo, The Bat Bomb, Your one stuck to the jax seat, Hilarious, and a load more great Episodes, You are all very easy to listen to, funny and instantly likable, Well done, Keep it up…
    Most of the other Podcasts I listen to are a very formal format, Just facts, facts, facts which is what I usually prefer, Yours is the only informal casual styled Podcast that I can listen to so Fair “the fuck” play to You…

    Animated Eyebrows are a good thing
    & Boudet IS a Dickhead!

    All the Best.
    Deuces !!!


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