Ep 24 – John Jones: The Slow and Miserable Death of a Cave Diver

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The demise of this episode’s subject wasn’t one that played out with expedience.  In November 2009 a 26-year-old spelunker named John Jones was exploring the Nutty Putty Cave system in Utah, and he got stuck.  For 28 hours, rescuers attempted to free a still conscious John Jones, but they were unsuccessful in doing so.  Jones was wedged so tightly in the crevice in which he found himself that even after his death, rescuers were still unable to retrieve his remains.  In fact, John Jones is still down there, his body still wedged in the 10 by 18 inch passage where he got stuck over a decade ago.

How did John Jones get stuck in Nutty Putty?  Why could he not be rescued?  And what did this terribly unfortunate man experience during those last 28 hours of his life?  Find out on this episode of Where is the Line?


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