Ep 14 Pam Babcock – Fused to the Toilet

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In 2008 in a small Kansas town, the Ness County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from Kory McFarren in which he expressed that “something’s wrong” with his girlfriend. Something was very wrong with his girlfriend, and had been for over 2 years. In 2006, Pam Babcock entered the bathroom in Kory’s yellow and white single-wide trailer and refused to leave for 2 full years. When the sheriff’s arrived, they found Pam Babcock in the restroom with her pants down to her mid-thigh, and the skin on her ass was inextricably fused to the toilet seat.

Pam and Kory

During Pam’s last months in the restroom, she began spending more and more time on the toilet. Eventually, she stopped bathing, then she stopped standing up. She slept on the toilet, and her boyfriend, Kory, would bring water and sandwiches to her. As time moved on, Pam began developing pressure ulcers on her posterior. These sores would pop and the pus that was released slowly began to erode the smooth surface of the toilet seat until the seat became porous. Pus from new sores would fill and dry within these tiny holes. This cycle repeated for several weeks until Pam Babcock and the toilet seat from which she refused to leave were joined together as one.

When Pam and her toilet seat arrived at the nearby hospital, doctors learned that the seat adhered to her behind was not the worst of her problems. Her legs had atrophied from weeks of disuse. As a result, Pam Babcock would likely spend the rest of her life confined to a wheelchair.

Pam Babcock 2018

How could this happen? Why didn’t Kory McFarren call for help sooner? Find out on this episode of Where is the Line?

Also on Episode 14, Samantha finally shares with Kevin the Japanese preggo porn that she regrets mentioning in episode 12. How many creampies can a pregnant woman handle? Is the video really hot, or has Samantha’s sexuality slid into depravity? We’ll answer these questions and more on this episode of Where is the Line?


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  1. Where did you find the picture of Pam Babcock on a wheelchair in 2018? I have looked for updates on her condition but not found any articles last 2009 (besides yours).


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