Ep 3 Mr. Hands – Bestiality Fatality

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In July 2005, a 45 year old Boeing engineer named Kenneth Pinyan aka “Mr. Hands” died from internal injuries that he obtained by receiving anal sex from an Arabian Stallion known as “Big Dick.” Shortly thereafter, a video supposedly depicting the incident circulated widely around the Internet becoming one of the most famous shock videos available online. Pinyan’s death brought unwanted attention to a secretive but surprisingly large network of zoophiles in the U.S.

In this episode, we’ll cover the circumstances surrounding Pinyan’s peculiar death. We’ll also speak with a man who has an intimate relationship with his own horse and who had corresponded with “Mr. Hands” prior to his death. Because anonymity was a serious concern for this guest, he was willing to speak with us only via email. These conversations are read during the course of the episode by someone who had no idea before sitting down with us that he would be reading first-person advice on anal stretching and conveying the particulars horse farts. Excerpts of that awkward experience and a discussion with the voice actor appear at the end of the episode.

In addition to all of that, we’ll watch the infamous “Mr. Hands” video ourselves, we’ll take a look at the prevalence of animal brothels in the US, and we’ll share how the whole thing is connected to a multi-million dollar drug trafficking ring.





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  • Brown, Michael & Rasmussen, Claire. (2010). Bestiality and the queering of the human animal. Environment and Planning D-society & Space – ENVIRON PLAN D-SOC SPACE. 28. 158-177.

2 thoughts on “Ep 3 Mr. Hands – Bestiality Fatality

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  1. 53:45 “…I believe they found homes for the dogs and the horses.”

    They killed the dogs.

    “Why did they euthanize the mice?”
    “I mean, what else are you going to do with them?….I guess they could have just let them go.”

    Letting them go was what Spink was doing with them. One of his dogs would catch mice. Spink would take the mice from the dog to prevent their being killed and then release them.

    “I made that up; it’s not true.”

    Now if only you could get the police to admit the same about the vaseline.


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